Science On a Sphere

The state of the art educational visualisation tool patented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA, is the first of its own kind in the western part of India. The Science On a Sphere provides real time atmospheric and climatic data that is projected on the 1.8 metre Spherical Earth globe. The giant animated sphere appears to be floating in mid-air, and even rotating on its axis. You can see oceans & continents in their actual colours (just as our planet appears from outer space), Tropical rain forests, Currents of the oceans in motion, Moon, Jupiter and Mars. This amazing, cutting-edge technology, the SOS, was invented by NOAA as an excellent visualisation educational research tool to educate the audience on earth and space systems in a three-dimensional format. This technology is now available worldwide for science centres, museums, educational institutes etc.

So book your dates to enjoy Science On a Sphere

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