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School package details

Explore the wonders of science with our Nehru Science Centre visit package designed exclusively for schools. Priced at just Rs 90/- per head (Rs 40/- for BMC, NMC, ZP Schools), this package includes an engaging Science Odyssey featuring the wild life of Australia, a mesmerizing 3D Science show on marine life, and a fascinating Science on Sphere showcasing the planets of our solar system. As a complimentary addition, enjoy an additional science show.

For those seeking extra excitement, we offer additional shows at nominal charges.

  1. Sparking High Voltage Show: Rs 10.00 per head
  2. Simulator show: Rs. 25.00 per head
  3. Special Science Demonstration on a chosen topic: Rs 10.00 per head

   – Matter at low pressure (Reveals behavior at low pressure)

   – Matter at low temperature (Liquid nitrogen show)

   – Sound and vibration

   – Chemistry

   – Physics (Covers various topics like Newton’s law, Bernoulli’s principle, sound, force, etc.)

These shows can be arranged if booked in advance only

To secure your spot, write to us at , ensuring you attach the school letterhead. Don’t forget to provide the contact number of the concerned teacher. Let science come alive for your students!



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